About Sicam

Incorporated in 1990, SICAM is recognized as one of the pioneers in the Rapid Prototyping industry. With a solid foundation of in-house rapid product development services, we offer our clients a full range of in-house rapid product development services.


To be the industry leader in providing a full range of Engineering and Rapid Product Development services.


To become a partner with our clients, by assisting them with, reducing Time-to-Market of new products.

Serving clients both domestic & international, our client base continues to increase each year. We are proud of the fact that, we have a large client base, which has been using our services since the early 1990’s. In the US, we have clients in 38 of the 50 states in a wide variety of industries, such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Computer, Consumer Products, Industrial Products, Pharmaceutical and Medical.

SICAM is an engineering driven company comprised of engineers, technicians, model makers and tool makers, all who have extensive experience in design and manufacturing engineering, new product development, and the implementation of advanced computer aided manufacturing technologies.

In early 1990’s SICAM pioneered; CAD Solid Modeling, Stereolithography (SLA) and Vacuum Cast Molding (VCM) technologies. All, which are the foundation of the following services: CAD Engineering, SLA Rapid Models and VCM Rapid Urethane Prototypes.

From 1995 to 2001 SICAM invested in researched and developed of several rapid tooling technologies. From which, in early 2002 our PMT Rapid Tooling technology was released to the market. PMT tooling allows us to provide our clients with low volume- low cost, Rapid Injection Molded Prototypes produced from production materials.

In 1996, SICAM started the implementation of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, which integrates all aspects of our business. All of our operations are completely automated, from, on-line e-business thru shipping of final product. Our production control system tracks orders thru the manufacturing process with the use of bar-code technology. In addition, we protect our and our client’s data with powerful secured computer servers, back-up systems and mass data storage.

In late 1998 SICAM pursued manufacturing offshore in China, from which, SICAM ventured into agreements with our sister company IMG (International Manufacturing Group). IMG brings to our SICAM clients the capabilities of producing product and tooling offshore in mainland China.