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One tool 3 Destinations

Mar 22 2013
  • Tired of delays in time to market from prototyping to having parts approved for production? 
  • Spending too many engineering hours having to re-qualify parts upon completion of your production tools?
  • Have you ever been challenged to close the gap (cost & time to market) between prototyping and production? 

Where is 3D printing heading?

Mar 16 2013

This month a patient received a 3D printed implant that replaced 75% of his skull. This is a first of its kind procedure, recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


A “GOOD” STL! What’s That?

Nov 15 2012
One subject I always overhear sales talking to our clients about is how to create a good STL file from their solid modeling software   


Nuts about Shipping

Nov 13 2012

I can be a little nuts when it comes to properly shipping out prototypes, but secondary to getting the prototype shipped on time is getting it there without damage.

In my experience with SLA models, I have come across many different delicate features and sizes that make it difficult to ship safely. There are many packing techniques to use such as double boxing and building custom cradles to protect delicate features. Since every part is different I have found that using packaging peanuts is an extremely effective tool to use to ship most parts.

Sicam Survives Sandy

Nov 04 2012

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the prototypes from being made. Unfortunately electric power will.  Hurricane Sandy hit our area, devastated our coast line and ripped apart the power system in our area.

We tried to make it to work.

NAK 80 “Steeling” The Show for Injection Molding Bridge Tooling

Oct 24 2012

During the 20 years I built injections molds, the choice steel for quick and cost effective tooling was and in most cases still is P20. Durable yet easily machined it provided adequate tool life which made it very popular especially in the fields of prototyping and product development.

Welcome to our new website!

Sep 30 2012
We'd like to welcome you to our newly redesigned website.  We've been hard at work on the new site and hope that you find your experience with it both user friendly and enjoyable.

We have been successful  in providing prototyping and manufacturing services since 1990 and finally have a site where we can share our experience and accomplishments over the years.