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Production Control

Since 1996 we have been using Visual Manufacturing ERP system to control our operations. It is utilized from quoting to order entry, from work orders to shipping. This system integrates and controls our financials, AR/AP, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Shop floor work-orders, Customer orders, Quotes and Scheduling.

Better Service to Customers

We pride ourselves on having a production system that can deliver the lowest cost or production. We don't cut corners to do this we just cut the waste. From order to materials to shipping, we do it quickly, accurately and consistently. This gives us the ability to be very competitive in our pricing. To back this up we will beat any legitimate price you can show us.

Shop Floor Control

All our customer orders generate work orders for the factory. These work orders are routed with a bar coded traveler though the different operations. This gives us full feedback on where the job is at any time and whether it is on schedule as planned.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply requirements are either generated by our customer orders or from MRP runs against customer forecasts. Our system has product structures with all sourced components with their lead times. This enables us to accurately generate our sourcing needs and release purchase order in the required time frame to meet orders.

Part Maintenance and Traceability

Our ERP system keeps track of all information related to the part. This includes the manufacturing master with the operations required to produce it. The engineering drawing revisions and the manufacturing revisions. All import and export data including packaging requirements. All this information is traceable to individual customer orders and vendor purchase orders.