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Quality Systems

Sicam manages a layer of the quality system for all our manufacturing locations. This sets the standard for our customers expectations and requirements. Below is an explanation of those systems

First Article Inspection

All parts that we produce from injection molds, we supply First Article Inspection Reports. For prototype tools they are done for the 5 most critical dimensions, for Bridge tooling or and production tooling they are done on all dimensions listed on the provided drawing. The report is done on the provided sample parts and includes the dimension and the tolerance, the actual dimension, the determination od acceptability and the method used to inspect the dimension. Click here for a sample document.

Quality Instruction

A Quality Instruction Document (QI) is prepared by Sicam for every part that we produce with injection molding. This document specified the acceptable quality level, the dimensions that are to be inspected and their tolerance. It also includes what materials need to have material certifications, what packaging is required, any functional tests that are needed, and all visual and aesthetic requirements. The QI is used for the lot inspection reports that are done for each shipment and they provide for the bases of all incoming inspections and in-process inspections and documents done at the factory.

Work Instructions

All operations in our factories have work instructions for the operators. Thes documents are prepared in China by our manufaturing engineers and quality engineers. They document the machine settings, the operation steps and all methids that insures consistancy and accuracy.

In Process Inspections

Our quality engineers prepare in-process inspection documents based upon the QI and the work instructions. These items are checked, monitored and recorded for each production lot. We maintain records of these inspections in China.

Final Lot Inspection

All production shipments have a final lot inspection done. These inspections are based upon the QI and a prepared final inspection report is prepared. The report is sent to the US and is approved by our quality engineer or fowarded to the customer for their approval. After approval the lot is released for shipment.

Corrective Action

Our Corrective Action and Preventative Action (CAPA) program is managed by us. While we work hard to foresee any issues, unforseen design and manufacturing problems occur. Our CAPA system is their to identify and document the root cause, the corrective action and the feedback to insure the corrective action solved the problem. Besides our system the quality departments in each manufacturing locations have their own internal corrective action systems.