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Prototypes / Short Runs

Since 1990 we have been providing prototypes or short run manufacturing to a vast amount of industries, including Aerospace, Architecture, Consumer Products, Industrial Products, Medical and Telecommunications.

Urethane Prototypes

Urethane Cast Prototypes are made from building a silicon mold from a pattern. The pattern is removed from the mold and copies are made by casting two part urethane into the mold.

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Injection Molded Prototypes

Injection Molded Prototypes are made from the real production resins. We use PMT technology to produce the molds and parts quickly with no loss in accuracy.

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Metal Cast Prototypes

Metal Cast Prototypes can be made in quantities of 1 to hundreds. They can be used to simulate die castings, forgings or sand castings.

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Machined Prototypes

We offer conventional maching services. Using the latest CNC software and equipment we can machine prototypes from raw stock or cast materials.

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