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Rapid Prototyping

Since 1990 SICAM has been the higest quality / fastest delivery of Rapid Prototypes in the Industry.  We offer the most complete range of additive and traditional manufacturing methods, wide material selection choice and flexible delivery menus, to meet your most critical dimension and finish requirements. We curently offer the latest Stereolithography, Laser sintering, and Polyjet technologies.

SLA Prototypes

Since 1990 we have been producing Stereolithography (SLA) prototypes. It still remains the fastest most accurate technology available today.

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Polyjet Matrix Prototypes

For those applications requiring soft materials or two materials to simulate overmolded parts, Polyjet Matrix Technology would be the right choice.

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Laser Sintered Prototypes

Laser Sintered Prototypes are made from powder nylon fused together with a laser. These parts are highly resistant to temperature and chemicals. The parts are durable enough for functional use.

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